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The internet is like the Ocean, grand and constant. Nalu is the Hawaiian word for wave or surging surf, and the hapa-Hawaiian saying, to “Nalu it” means “go with the flow and ride the wave.” Here at Nalu SEO we use a framework that helps your business catch every wave, so you can organically reach the top!

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Is your current SEO Company failing your business?

Nalu SEO was founded by Dean Colomban an IT Consultant with InteGreat IT. With 15 years of experience helping businesses reach their maximum potential, business owners he worked with began to reach out after other SEO services had increased their impressions but not the click-through. With little to no new business to show for the money they spent, they were disappointed, to say the least.

“Businesses want their phone to ring. Once we were brought on we quickly discovered most SEO companies use keywords and random backlinks to increase impressions but the keywords aren’t a match for the business. They use what we call a “Catch-all technique” using keywords that make your business appear in may random search results, however, this is useless to the growth of the business.” – Dean

When taking over other companies’ SEO services we may make the impressions decrease first. By eliminating bloat and focusing on finding the right keywords we almost immediately see an increase in click-through and sale conversions. This results in more contact us form leads and phone calls because they are now making the “right impressions, not the most”.

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Our SEO framework

We are an affordable SEO service offering premium SEO solutions to start-ups, full-fledged companies, B2Bs, and B2Cs. We have a rigorous approach to achieving resonating success. Here is our anatomy of a perfectly optimized website.



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Content Strategy

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Link Building

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On-Page Optimization

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Local optimization

Answers to Your Questions

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the designing, writing and coding of your website to attain a high rank on search engine queries for particular keywords or terms.

Why is SEO so important?

SEO ensures that your website is optimized to rank high in search engine results. Without high rankings, your website has a very limited chance of generating traffic. A professional SEO service campaign can offer the best ROI by providing you with fresh, free leads

What are the most common local SEO service tools that SEO experts use?

Facebook Pixel, Moz Local, Brightlocal SEO, Yext, Synup are known as some of the very best in the market. However, no matter the tool or resource used, research shows measurable results are limited unless managed by an experienced SEO service expert.

I’m not very knowledgeable about SEO terminology. How can I implement these strategies?

While a lot of people read a lot of SEO courses to become semi-professional at best, it is imperative to leverage the experience and resources of an SEO service expert. They will provide insight into KPIs and current trends that works for your business. The ROI you’ll achieve will be manifold because little maintenance or renewals are needed, unlike paid advertising.

Does using an SEO service mean that I will become less dependent on paid advertising?

Yes. Well-conducted SEO means growing organic traffic that becomes perpetual over time. When you hire an SEO service expert, you put your time to maximum use for only tasks that matter to your business.