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When it comes to marketing, everyone is out to make a mark and grab the attention of their audience. The constant bombardment of information via different media makes it more difficult for marketers to make their products, services, and messages stand out. While it is widely believed that social media is the up-and-coming platform to grab the attention of your audience, there are reasons why this media may not be as effective as perceived. This article highlights the many reasons for using email marketing as opposed to social media for effective marketing.

1.     Email marketing is direct and personal

When it comes to consumers or any relationship that involves a business transaction, the foundation of trust is of utmost importance. Email marketing, due to its direct and personal nature, allows consumers and businesses to establish a more trusting relationship. 65.9% of consumers sign up for email marketing to avail loyalty or rewards programs and personalized offers. 62% of consumers have been identified to open their emails due to customized subject lines. This personalization cannot be offered by social media marketing. Email marketing also allows consumers to directly contact the company when it comes to questions and queries.

2.     Email marketing is a relatively cheaper medium of marketing

Email marketing is an excellent choice if you want to reach a large audience in a short period of time. It is cheaper and proven to yield a higher ROI. For consecutive years, email marketing has generated the highest ROI of $38 for businesses compared to all other channels at a nominal cost of as low as $1. You can communicate with your audience regularly without worrying about the cost of marketing associated with it.

3.     Email marketing helps you stay relevant and noticed

As high as 58% of adult Americans check their emails as the first thing they do when they wake up every morning. This is even before they check their social media. Moreover, 91% of consumers check their emails daily, i.e., 10 times more regularly than their social media accounts. Therefore, email marketing can help the brand stay relevant and top of mind.

4.     Email marketing allows you complete control of the target audience

Email marketing allows businesses to have their list of target audiences with whom they communicate. This list is not subject to any algorithm but will enable businesses to have complete control over who they want to communicate with. Social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, are constantly changing to cater to the needs of their consumers, social media users. These users want to see content related to friends and family as opposed to an advertisement from brands. Thus, these social media platforms require more creativity from the brands to break the clutter on personal profiles and stand out through individual posts. Whereas, there is no such issue in email marketing, where emails are directly sent to the inbox of the target audience.

5.     Email marketing can drive traffic to your website

Email marketing does not work in a silo, and in fact, can prompt the audience to click on the brand’s website link through the direct message, consequently driving traffic to the website. You can also track the portions of the website that drive the most traffic and can provide valuable consumer insight to cater to the marketing plan. This may be lost on social media platforms where consumer attention to ads is short-lived.

A marketer may be tempted to employ social media platforms. While these are useful tools, email marketing should be a major component of the marketing strategy due to the reasons mentioned above.

Remember! Email marketing is identified to acquire 40 times more customers than Facebook and Twitter combined. Hence, it all comes down to deploying the right email marketing tactics to win over your customers.

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