It’s all about Discovery.

How to be found online.

Since the introduction of the internet, marketing, sales and business have changed drastically. The ease with which your business is found online by potential customers influences your sales volume in no small way. The reason for this is that every kind of business can be sold online, and potential customers are not interested in putting any extra effort into finding you, and they really do not have too. A quick search on Google should give them all the information they need to decide whether or not to transact with you.

Reports by Google show that 47% of local searchers now request for local information and the search results influence their purchasing decisions. So, rather than search for “best Pizza near me”, searchers – potential customers are searching for “best Pizza in Philadelphia”, and Google produces a list of Pizza Places in that area. According to Google, 92% of local searchers prefer to transact with businesses found on the first page of search engine results because they feel that these businesses offer more value than those found on other pages.

Now, the ultimate result of being found online is an increase in your customer base. And the means to an end of the increased customer base is a higher conversion rate, and conversion is equal to sales.

Let’s look at a few ways being found online can increase sales.

  1. It brings you closer to your customers: The internet has eliminated the distance barrier businesses used to face. And with everyone searching for information online, selling your business, whether it is a service or physical product has become more convenient. Google shows that 95% of people use their smart devices to search for goods and services, two out of every three take action from the information found, and at least one person completes a purchase. If your business is found on the internet, it gives you a competitive edge, keeps you in the face of your potential customers and ready for business even when you sleep.
  1. It simplifies the marketing/advertising process: The majority of people have gotten used to ignoring billboards, fast-forwarding adverts on TV and most people do not read the newspapers. And are these not those the old methods of advertising? With websites and the numerous social media platforms, you can creatively showcase your business to the world. Using various analytical and marketing tools, you can monitor promotions/adverts and discover the best ways to boost your business to achieve desired results. And you know the most exciting thing about advertising/marketing online, it is guaranteed to produce excellent results when done correctly.
  1. It is easier to build relationships with customers: The crux of online business is a relationship with customers and potential customers. The way you present your business online determines how customers relate with you. If you present a “human” and relatable front, people will trust you enough to transact with you. People love to put their money where they trust, and this trust is built from how your business interacts with customers. The more “human” you present your business attracts more customers, builds their confidence in you, results in sales which in turn leads to referrals and referrals mean more sales.

Smart businesses who do not want to be left behind are taking advantage of the numerous ways of being found online to skyrocket sales. Listing your business on renowned directories like Google My Business (GMB), Yelp and Angie’s List is an essential step to being found online. By optimizing your business on these directories, you can reach out to, and connect with customers across Google search and map.

Tactically increasing sales by positioning your business to be found online involves proper research and wealth of experience. And with these two factors as the forte of any remarkable SEO agency, you can save time and achieve satisfactory results quickly. At Nalu SEO agency, we know the best directories to list every business depending on the industry, and most importantly, we are experts at optimizing these listings and turning every search into a valuable customer. To learn about how we can do this, kindly contact us now, we’d love to help you get found online.

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