How to optimize content for featured snippets – Snag that featured snippet you want!

If you want to snag more traffic to your website and attract more users interested in clinking on your content, it may help to have optimized content for featured snippets in search results. But how do you put your content in this desired position in search results?

Even if your website is not in position 1 in SERPs, you can rank higher. How about that? Is this possible? Yes, it is possible by declaring featured snippet SEO.

You will need to know everything about how featured snippets work, rank for featured snippets, and it will optimize your content. Let’s get started.

Featured snippets usually display at the top of Google search results in a box, excluding the ads. It gives you answers to search queries by extracting relevant content from the top-ranked pages.

You might be thinking, is this a good thing for sites with featured snippets in search? Users will see your SERP, which may mean a gain or losing more clicks, right?

Well, yes or no. Check this example:

What is featured snippet SEO

If the question is answered thoroughly in a few sentences, most of us will be unemployed. So, although this snippet tells you the absolute basics, you still need to click to learn more.

That is just an example. Snag your featured snippets for appearing in the most prominent features of SERPs, and they are continually developing.

If Google displays your content as featured snippets in a search engine, imagine the website’s exposure and potential customers.

In this informative guide, we’ll tell you about:

  • Types of featured snippets
  • Benefits of featured snippets
  • How to get a featured snippet
  • Optimizing for featured snippets
  • Conclusion

It’s essential to understand the type of Google Featured snippet you want to display for search queries with this specific snippet. Here are some selected common examples of snippets.

Paragraph –

This snippet mainly shows answers to paragraph type questions, such as how, why, who, what, and when. The screenshot above is an example of selected featured snippet SEO of a paragraph. It is the most popular one among all snippets.

paragraph type questions

List –

The answers displayed in the numbered or bulleted list are this type of snippet. List snippets are mainly for posts about a step-by-step guide.

Power of optimized content using featured snippet.

Table –

Typically, you will see a table snippet showing posts that contain well-structured content of digital data like rates, prices, years, and comparison charts.

Table Snippets

Featured snippets have appeared in google guidelines since 2014, but it seems that marketers are not taking advantage of them. Google aims to provide an excellent user experience by showing people the best search results.

However, to understand precisely why, here are some of the benefits of rank for featured snippets:

1.    Shortcut to steal traffic to your site

According to the Ahrefs study report, they studied 2 million featured snippets, and they found surprising results: the number of clicks on the featured snippets gets more clicks than the #1 ranking search query.

People are now using the voice search tool on their mobile devices. Since we naturally ask questions when we perform voice searches, and the question-type queries will display featured snippets, ranking on these snippets makes sense.

3.    Become an expert in your niche

We all know that it is challenging to keep on top position ourselves as an authority in a niche market. Not to mention that many businesses are competing for capturing the attention of your audience.

From a potential customer’s point of view, you become more wanted through selected snippets. According to Google’s recommendations for your content, when people in your niche need advice, you become the trusted expert.

If you want to attract more website traffic through organic search, please use the valuable tips in this article to optimize featured snippet’s content.

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How to snag more traffic to your website with optimized content for featured snippets in search results.

Whether you desire to increase traffic or get other benefits of increased viewability, here are some useful tips on how to appear in selected featured snippets.

1.    Do proper targeting keywords research.

Keyword research is an essential tool for completing content, especially content that ranks for selected featured snippets. So, generate the evergreen content that specially targets keywords phrases that start with a question like words.

2.    Add answers to questions that appear in the “People also ask” box.

People also askbox

Although researching keywords is very helpful, don’t forget to check the “People also ask” section. Many times, you will find this section below the featured snippet.

More and more questions will appear as you click on one item to know more. You can answer as many questions as you want in a blog post.

3.    Aim to rank on the first page of SERPs

first page of SERPs

Being on page# one will allow you to be rank for a featured snippet. Almost all featured snippet SEO can found on the first page of the Google result page.

It will show that increasing natural ranking is still a reliable practice.

4.    Improve On-Page SEO to provide a great user experience

The content displayed as featured snippets in search is usually extract from pages with higher organic search rankings. Therefore, please use the keyword optimization and SEO best practices to improve the pages’ organic ranking.

Now, here are some things that will excite you. In researching Google code snippets, I found research conducted by the STAT Search Analytics team: The Best Words and Themes to Generate Featured Snippets.

Their research shows that queries (grouped based on common topics) that help to returned snippets more frequently:

6.    Maintain the optimal word count

According to SEMrush’s findings, the most shared content length in featured snippets is 40-50 words.

But I noticed that some fragments snippets might contain more than 50 words, such as the example below.

Even so, I strongly recommend that you keep your answer between 40 and 50 words. Keep the answer concise to get more chances of being instructed.

7.    Create proper format style for content

Correctly formatted content will make it easier for Google to understand your content type. The easier it is for Google to understand your content, the better your chances of being rank for a featured snippet.

Therefore, if you are going to set up a table, put your answers on the table. If you want to target the snippet list, make sure that it is structured properly in the list or title. Follow the following Mangools format for the blog post, and snag that featured snippet.

8.    Make your existing snippets better by adding Q&A to your website.

QA to your website

The Q&A page is beneficial for website owners who provide products or services. These pages establish your expertise by solving problems. Most importantly, they offer more chances to appear in the snippet.

While forming a Q&A page, show the facts and truths that most people in your niche want to know. Provide complete and precise answers in short paragraphs and make them simple and straightforward.

Conclusion – Recommendation

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