Optimizing your website should be an iterative process if you want your business to achieve optimized visibility. Unlike brick-and-mortar stores that depend on a single geographical location, SEO is centered on local keywords, often referred to as local SEO. And this is the key to driving your search rankings to new heights that’ll ensure a flurry of customers in your location. Four out of five potential customers use online search to find local information. You may be missing out on 80% of your potential customers if your business is not relevant.  

These tricks will help you get your brand the visibility it deserves in 2020:

  • Optimize your Google My Business categories

When you set up a Google My Business page, you’ll be asked to choose a category for your business. For instance, “Kitchen Equipment Supplier.” The main category you select is the category that pops up on the SERP listings when your business is displayed. But did you know that you could add a further 10 categories to your page? These categories will skyrocket your SEO performance.

So, when on you’re on your map listing, right-click, and select “Page Source.” Click Ctrl-F to search for your competitor’s main category (highlighted in red), then you complete with their subcategories (highlighted in yellow) below. Contact us to learn more about tuning up your GMB listings.

Create news posts, events, promotions, Qs & As and share them. Encouraging your clients to leave reviews online, and respond to their feedback promptly helps too.

  • Website updates

Improve your internal linking format by tweaking your internal linking structure will enhance your SEO rankings as it supports site navigation, improves information architecture, and website hierarchy.

Optimize your URL, meta description, header, title tags, and content. Every new post is a new indexed page for your website and a unique opportunity to get found on the SERPs. Every time you write an original article or blog post, it needs to be optimized using high-volume keywords in the URL, meta description, header, title tags, and body. Contact us if you’re having trouble with website optimization.

  • Get Attuned with directories and the web

This is where you update your site for internal SEO enhancement. Check for NAP consistency, inbound links to take your website closer to that highly coveted number one spot.

Set up your name, address, and phone number (NAP) to be included as a crawlable HTML on your website. Avoid embedding the NAP within images because they can’t be crawled from search engines like HTML text. They are best placed at the footer or header of your website.

Every inbound link tells Google that you’re a credible company while improving your domain authority. Get inbound links by sponsorships and partnerships, guest blog posting, scholarships. Consider sponsoring a meet-up, community event, or webinar. Establish relationships with influencers and renowned people.

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