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Reseller and Ecommerce SEO 


Being a reseller can sometimes mean there are others selling similar or even the same items. As a reseller you want to maximize your potential to be seen before your rivals. Research shows most consumers purchase one of the first five results they are shown, even when the same product is offered at a lower price further down the results page.  

When marketing your items it’s crucial you know where your rivals stand so you have the tools and power to outrank them. As a reseller it is important you are mindful of this. Many resellers don’t spend the time and energy researching the competition so they can outperform them.  This can make or break your success. 

Here at Nalu SEO we can help! We’ll provide you with sound advice, giving you the power to outmuscle the competition. 

We make sales happen, that’s where the money is and how we bring a higher ROI!

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In a sea of products, soar above the competition

NaluSEO synergizes all our capacities to turn your product into our cash-cow with our Product SEO services. We have groundbreaking SEO blueprints upon which you can showcase your products in a highly attractive manner across your platforms. Without Product SEO, your product remains invisible from search engines. And that is why we are here to help you connect easily with those that search for your brand. So, whether your product is on an E-commerce site, YouTube, Facebook, or your landing page, be rest assured knowing that is going to be on top of the search results – after a thorough overhaul by us. No matter your business designation (startup, upscaling, or bigwig), we take your product right where it needs to be: in the eyes and hearts of those that need it.
We will start by mining keywords that are pertinent to your product based on the problem that it solves. Afterwards, we will artfully blend your brand’s terms, product or services terms, and even your competitor terms. Finally, we will whittle all the keywords down so that it leads straight to your website in one hit!
A lot of SEO companies fail to examine your page’s Meta description. NaluSEO will work on your Meta page description and titles, drawing from our rich copywriting competencies for bolstered visibility when being searched on search engines. We will also perform image optimization and Inbound and Outbound links for best results. Google loves optimized product pages. Come to us and feel the difference.